November 29, 2010

All Things Dougie Related

Alright, sorry for the delay folks. Things are crazy in our lives and we momentarily forgot how incredible making Paint Pictures and spewing our thoughts about music is. But we spent a week eating Thanksgiving food, bumping new tunes, and learning how to dougie. Well maybe that last one is just me. And maybe it's less "learning how to dougie" and more "watching the Teach Me How To Dougie video and trying to figure out what the actual dance move even is." Regardless, that song is awesome, and has spawned a few fantastic things that I want to share.

The first is this  picture, which I spent about 45 minutes making instead of doing work when I was super busy:

The second is this video, which is one of my favorite things on the internet:

The third is the original song, which you should probably listen to, if you've been living under a rock for a while and haven't yet heard it.

Cali Swag District - Teach Me How To Dougie (YSI) (filesavr)

The fourth is this mash-up by the hood internet, which is just fantastic. It's The Hood Internet, who always produce quality work, throwing together Cali Swag District's original with Toro Y Moi, that bespectacled chillwaver.

The Hood Internet - Dougie Vision (Cali Swag District vs. Toro Y Moi) (YSI) (filesavr)

The fifth is the lead track of Girl Talk's new album, which throws in a little Dougie sample about two minutes in.

Girl Talk - Oh No (YSI) (filesavr)

The latter two tracks are pretty dope, and they allow you to put "Teach Me How To Dougie" on at your next party without feeling like you're betraying your indie sensibilities. Although, really, you should just rock the original with pride. Do it.

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