June 16, 2009

Welcome Back Magic Wands

I first encountered the Magic Wands about a year ago with their track Black Magic, which I feel can be best described as a strutting. Dark synths, decisive percussion and a catchy female lead; count me in! But after Black Magic I totally forgot about them and Magic Wands faded into the abyss of my itunes library. But it appears they have just released a new EP including three new songs that are similarly if not more dark and mysterious while continuing some pretty cool rhythmic work. Glad they're back, although maybe they could lighten up a little.

Magic Wands - Black Magic (YSI) (filesavr)
Magic Wands - Warrior (XX Remix) (YSI) (filesavr)

Who else thinks that the new Mos Def is just absolutely the bee's knees? That album is great, more to come on it later.

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