March 5, 2009

Stu Reid Under the Covers Chapter 9

Even though, for me at least, the Kaiser Chiefs have lost a lot of their former luster, their first album Employment contained a bunch of enjoyable fist pumping tracks. Most notable were I Predict a Riot, Oh My God and the jaunty sea shanty Time Honoured Tradition. Lily Allen, a fellow Brit with a mean streak, decided to cover Oh My God and added a sense of swagger, a bunch of horns and some hand snaps to mold it into a slick pop gem. From the extended horn solos, to the syncopation and smooth vocals, Lily Allen not only succeeds in remaking Oh My God in her musical style, but also truly makes the song her own.

Lily Allen - Oh My God (YSI) (filesavr)
The Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God (YSI) (filesavr)

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