March 25, 2009

A Picture of Deradoorian Grey

I've long been a fan of the Dirty Projectors, since my friend Jake turned me on to The Getty Address - an album that has become one of my top three record of all time.  Yes, it's that amazing.  I've written about them before here at TSRE, but recently I've been getting really excited about the Dirty Projectors all over again.

My enthusiasm was spiked by a pleasant surprise - I bought tickets for a TV On The Radio show and found out after buying the tickets that Dirty Projectors would be opening.  Amazing.  That buzz continues to grow the more I read/hear about Angel Deradoorian's eponymous sideproject.  She sings in Dirty Projectors, using effortlessly graceful harmonies to compliment Dave Longstreth's soaring and often abrasive vocals.  

On her own, she's soulful and surprisingly gentle - definitely along the A Fine Frenzy, Feist line of female vocalists.  She shows both her sides on these two tracks - Grey Teeth is a lo fi basement tape affair with some fuzz, haunting melodies, and repetetive loops that lure you in.  High Road is closer to Dirty Projectors in style, with oddly syncopated beats keeping you off balance throughout - her vocals are much steadier than Longstreth's, and High Road is more accessible on the first listen.  Seriously cool stuff here.  Looking forward to catching the whole EP.

Deradoorian - Grey Teeth (YSI) (filesavr)

Deradoorian - High Road (YSI) (filesavr)

Also, another GvB post caught my eye yesterday - a live track from Dirty Projector's SXSW set and a link to the whole set streaming on NPR.  Definitely helped pass my day at work yesterday, I'd highly recommend it.

Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is The Move (Live at SXSW) (YSI) (filesavr)

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