March 23, 2009

Music and Lights, Cut Copy @ The House of Blues, 3.22.09

Last night Zack, Ben, Dedicated Fan X, Reader Luke, and I had a chance to check out Cut Copy at the newly re-opened House of Blues in Boston. Matt & Kim opened (which Zack is going to write about later) and we were in good spirits for the show.

Opening with "Hearts on Fire" and closing with "Lights and Music", Cut Copy shredded from beginning to end. They had a phenomenal light show, comprised of twelve pallet-like formations of 5 color changing fluorescent light bulbs - reminiscent of Daft Punk's pyramid - that really synced up well with the music to add some extra pop.

It was a great show, although not flawless. Cut Copy brought some energy to the show, but didn't crank it all the way to 11, leaving me wanting more in not always the best way. A couple times in the night they built to a gradual crescendo - seemingly increasing the energy for a huge bass hit to drop - only to then end the song on an unfulfilling open note. When they did hit it, they hit it hard in a major way - "Lights & Music" had the whole house jumping, a new post-In Ghost Colours track got the blood flowing, and "Far Away" and "Feel The Love" were dancy and wonderful.

Overall, Cut Copy let their music do the legwork, riding huge riffs to a good performance, rather than transforming good into great through their own work. Which is not meant as a complaint - rather a simple observation. The band did a great job of filling a very open and big venue with their sound, and I was never bored or waiting for a song to end. The show was one of the danciest I've been to in Boston, and the boys shredded pretty hard. If they're coming to a town near you, make the trip to dance your face off.

Still riding the Remix kick from yesterday, here are a couple Cut Copy Remixes for your perusal - two OF the band and one BY the band. Word.

Cut Copy - Lights and Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix) (YSI) (filesavr)

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Knightlife Remix) (YSI) (filesavr)

CSS - Move (Cut Copy Remix) (YSI) (filesavr)

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Destroy Rock + Roll said...

I love the original of Hearts On Fire so I can't wait to hear this one.

de subversief said...

Saw them in New York, fantastic show!

Animal Eclipse said...

Ack, Hearts on Fire has some dissonant moments. Original is much better, as is the Midnight Juggernauts remix. I like the others though, especially Move.

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